Welcome to Bias Test, an online test of our unconscious (implicit) biases.

Contribute to Bias Test

Welcome to our Bias Test contributor page. We found that many people wanted to make a practical contribution to helping people mitigate or reduce their biases. To enable this, we set up this page to allow people to offer their own photographs to use in Bias Tests.

We are particularly interested in photographs from people from groups who may experience prejudice or discrimination.

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To contribute, your photograph has to meet certain technical requirements, because having a consistent format for presenting photographs is important to making the test reliable.

Photographs have to be:

  • Clear, good quality photographs
  • Head and shoulders photographs only
  • Portrait Orientation
  • A plain light coloured background
  • Wearing a plain, black T shirt or a dark coloured plain top
  • Facing directly at the camera
  • A neutral expression with no smiling or other obvious facial expression

Samples of suitable photographs

Sample of Suitable Photographs

When you have a photograph which complies with these technical requirements, please click the upload link.

Upload My Photograph(s)