Welcome to Bias Test, an online test of our unconscious (implicit) biases.

What is Bias Test

  • Bias Test is an unconscious bias platform developed to provide employers with a more accessible and cost effective facility to bias test staff and job applicants in volume
  • Bias Test is only available directly to employers, and is not available to consultancies or resellers
  • Bias Test predicts the likelihood that unconscious bias may affect our behaviour
  • Bias Test is priced to allow high volume testing and can afford open access to testing for employees.
  • Bias Tess addresses many of the concerns expressed about the reliability and validity of open access public bias tests (see Blanton and Jaccard, 2006) and allows feedback to be automatically sent to test takers along with documentation to support bias mitigation at no extra cost
  • Bias Test includes versions measuring unconscious bias on the basis of Age, Bodyweight, Disability, Gender, Nationality and Sexual Orientation
  • We offer no charge test user training for employers using Skype and a low cost administration service to get you testing as soon as possible

Availability and Pricing

How to use Bias Test

Bias Test may be used as:

  • A staff development tool, providing confidential personal feedback and self-insight
  • An audit tool to allow comparisons between sectors, with competitors and within departments/teams
  • An evaluation tool to examine the effect of interventions or to track bias levels across time
  • A screening tool as part of a selection/promotion process
  • A research tool to explore specific organisational issues

Bias Test Services

We also offer additional services in support of testing including test administration, data collation, unconscious bias training, training the trainers courses, research and consultancy.

Bias Test can also be made bespoke to your organisational issues and organisation.

Remember, to provide best value, Bias Test is only available directly to employers for volume testing, and is not available to consultancies or resellers

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